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Our CD is now available at CDBaby and you can now purchase right from our site! The second edition album includes the amazing IF THIS OLD GUITAR COULD TALK.

  1. Pickup Truck – Paul Downing & David Jackson (copyright Listen Loud Publishing BMI)
  2. Maybe Tomorrow – Helen Knox & Mart Landon
  3. Standing On The Edge Of Love – JP Pennington & Troy Seals (copyright Music & Media Int’l) – O/B/O Pacific Island Publishing and Wb Music Corp
  4. Love Light – Lyrics/Music by Mart Landon (copyright Silver Heart Music BMI)
  5. Shadow Woman – Helen Knox & Mart Landon
  6. Mama’s Hungry Eyes – Merle Haggard (copyright Sony/ATV Tree Publishing
  7. Paper Rosie – Dallas Harms (copyright Unidisc Music OBO Star Quality Music
  8. It Won’t Be Easy – Helen Knox & Mart Landon
  9. Two Steppin’ Out – Gerald Smith & Wayne Perry (copyright O Tex Music & Zomba Entertainment Inc.
  10. Lady On His Mind – Lyrics/Music by Mart Landon
  11. If This Old Guitar Could Talk – JP Pennington & Bernie Faulkner (Copyright Music & Media Int’l O/B/O Pacific Island Publishing & Fancy Pants Music)

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